Paralia Katerinis offers a market with a wide range of products for every taste.

There are taverns, varied cuisine restaurants, beautiful cafes and night life for the visitors.


Katerini is a charming city in Greece that boasts a rich history and modern amenities. It was once an ancient settlement called Atira and later formed by refugees from Pontus, Asia Minor, and Vlach.

Today, Katerini is a bustling hub with a thriving commercial market and a diverse range of eateries, including restaurants, taverns, cafes, and nightclubs. Visitors can also enjoy the city’s gorgeous central park, which is renowned as one of the finest in Greece.

Whether you’re interested in history or modern culture, Katerini is an excellent destination that offers the best of both worlds.


Olympus is a majestic mountain located in close proximity to Paralia, Greece. In Greek mythology, it is known as the home of the twelve Gods and is revered for its breathtaking natural beauty.

The mountain’s highest peak, Mytikas, attracts approximately 25,000 visitors from around the world each year who come to climb its challenging slopes.

Along the way, hikers can discover rare herbs and plants that are unique to this region. Additionally, the monastery of St. Dionysos is another popular attraction that draws numerous visitors each year.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a history enthusiast, a visit to Olympus is an experience that you won’t forget.


Dion is a historically significant city located in Macedonia, Greece. It was a crucial strategic location for the Kings of Macedonia, and its cultural and spiritual importance is comparable to other notable ancient sites such as Delphi and Olympia.

In fact, it was here that Alexander the Great began his legendary expedition to Asia Minor. Today, visitors can explore the city’s fascinating past at the museum, which features a range of artifacts and treasures discovered in Dion and Pieria.

The ancient theatre is another popular attraction that hosts plays and musical concerts every summer, providing an unforgettable cultural experience for visitors.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or the performing arts, a trip to Dion is sure to be an enriching and rewarding experience.


Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is situated on the beautiful bay of Thermaikos. Named after Alexander the Great’s sister, this vibrant city is known for its rich history and stunning sights.

Visitors can admire the iconic White Tower (Lefkos Pyrgos), the Arch of Galerius, the Rotunda, and the Saint Dimitrius and Saint Sofia churches, among many other cultural landmarks.

Thessaloniki is also home to the largest trade show in the Balkans, which attracts participants from across Europe and beyond.

One of the city’s most popular attractions is the Ladadika, a historic district located next to the port that has been transformed into a trendy recreation area with a wide selection of taverns and bars.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or nightlife, Thessaloniki offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages and interests.


Vergina is a historic town located in the county of Pella, Greece, and is approximately 75 km from Paralia.

The town is renowned for its rare museum, which is situated in the interior of Megali Toumpa. Visitors can admire the remarkable Royal Tomb of Phillip and the famous Golden Urn, as well as a wide array of ornate jewelry, utensils, offerings, and weaponry that offer a fascinating glimpse into ancient Greek civilization.

The area surrounding Vergina has also yielded significant archaeological discoveries, including the Acropolis, the Ancient Theatre, and the Palace with its stunning mosaic floor.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in exploring the ancient roots of Greece, Vergina is a must-visit destination that offers a unique and memorable experience.


Meteora is a stunning destination located in the city of Kalampaka, in the county of Thessalia, Greece. It is approximately 180 km from Paralia and is known for its unique rock formations that were created millions of years ago.

Visitors from all over the world are drawn to the area to admire the incredible geological wonder and to explore the ancient monasteries that are perched atop some of the towering rock formations.

These monasteries, which date back to the 14th century, provide a fascinating glimpse into the religious and cultural history of Greece. Meteora is also a popular destination for rock climbers who are drawn to the area’s challenging and varied terrain.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or an adventure seeker, Meteora is a must-visit destination that offers something for everyone.