Paralia Katerinis offers a market with a wide range of products for every taste.

There are taverns, varied cuisine restaurants, beautiful cafes and night life for the visitors.


The city of Katerini is referred to as an ancient settlement by the name Atira and later on was formed by Pontic, Asia Minor and Vlach refugees.
Today Katerini is a modern city with a rich commercial market, restaurants, taverns, cafes and night clubs.
Its’ beautiful central park is considered one of the best in Greece.


The mythical mountain of the 12 Gods is located extremely close to Paralia.
Its’ highest peak, Mytikas, is climbed every year by approximately 25.000 visitors from around the world. One can find rare herbs and plants on mount Olympus.
There is also a great deal of visitors on the monastery of St.Dionysos.


Dion was an ancient Macedonic city of great strategic importance for the Kings of Macedonia.
It is a cultural and spiritual center comparable with Delphi and Olympia.
It is here that Alexander the Great began his expedition to Asia Minor.
The museum exhibits finds discovered in Dion and Pieria.
Every summer the ancient theatre holds plays and musical concerts.


The second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki, is located in the bay of Thermaikos. It is named after Alexander the Great’s sister.
Thessaloniki has many beautiful sights. The White Tower(Lefkos Pyrgos), the Arch of Galerius, the Rotunda, Saint Dimitrius and Saint Sofia churches and many more.
The largest trade show in the Balkan is being held here every year with European and international participation.
Last but not least the Ladadika are worth a visit. A historic district next to the port that has been converted to a recreation area with many taverns and bars.


Vergina is located in the county of Pella and is 75 km distant to Paralia.
In a rare museum located in the interior of Megali Toumpa, one can admire the Royal Tomb of Phillip and the famous Golden Urn, ornate jewelry, utensils, offerings and weaponry.
The Acropolis, the Ancient Theatre and the Palace with the mosaic floor have also been discovered in the area.


Meterora is located in the city of Kalampaka in the county of Thessalia and are 180km distant to Paralia.
They have a great deal of visitors and interest due to a rock formation that was created there millions of years ago.
On the peaks of some of those rock formations some monasteries have been built.
Apart from religious visitors,Meteora attracts rock climbers as well.